Felkner in Cumberland tonight

Bill Felkner will be speaking at the Cumberland Tea Party meeting tonight at 6:00pm – 1464 Diamond Hill Road, Cumberland Library (the monastery).

From the email announcement:

Dear Friends,

Just a last minute reminder that I’ll be speaking at the Cumberland Tea Party meeting tonight about the various tools OSPRI provides for “community organizers.” The talk will include a brief overview of two of our transparency sites – www.RIdata.org and www.RIvotes.org – as well as a review of what it takes to be a good community organizer.

Many people are energized by the upcoming elections. Tea Party and other community organizing activities are plentiful. It is wonderful to see such an uprising but what about after the elections? Who do you think will have the ears of our elected officials, you or the special interest groups?

Now is a good opportunity to build the groundwork for future activism. After November, the unions and social service advocates will still be at the State House pushing for bigger government and more regulatory intervention.

Now is the time to solidify a strong voice in opposition to those special interest groups. It is important that you have the tools and strategy to succeed in the coming months and build an infrastructure for change that will carry us into the future.

The meeting is tonight at the Cumberland Library (the Monastery) 1464 Diamond Hill Road and goes from 6:00 to 8:00. I hope to see you there.

And don’t forget this months Center-Right Coalition meeting on Thursday (always the second Thursday of the month). If you aren’t on the invitation list, please contact us at info@oceanstatepolicy.org.

Onward and upward,

Bill Felkner


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