Unmasking Soros (and media bias)

Saturday’s ProJo had a letter from OSPRI’s Bill Felkner:

Unmasking Soros

The Sept. 21 editorial “Soros or Kochs” tried to paint a good vs. evil scenario but merely exposed the hypocrisy present with so many elites on the left (and those in the media who protect them).

The writer suggests that liberal activist George Soros is transparent in his advocacy because he “gives money” through the Soros Foundation, easily named to identify his involvement, but the conservative Koch brothers are less transparent because they “funnel” support using “fronts” like Americans for Prosperity.

The writer omits that the brothers do provide support through the conveniently named Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation and the David H. Koch Foundation while George Soros supports dozens of groups with such misleading names as the Center for American Progress and the Open Society Institute.

Furthermore, the writer claims that the Koch brothers fund activities that are self-serving while Soros promotes issues “that would hurt his self-interest.”

The Kochs promote ideology that encourages prosperity, such as reducing taxes and regulations. Yes, they will benefit from these measures, as will we all. But the writer didn’t mention that Soros opposes certain oil and natural-gas production methods here in America by supporting MoveOn.org while he personally invests in companies like InterOil and Petrobras that profit from those same activities in foreign lands — opaque and self-serving at the same time.

At least the Kochs create the jobs here at home.

Bill Felkner Ashaway

The writer is president of the Ocean State Policy Research Institute, a conservative think tank and advocacy group.


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