No more nepotism

A North Providence school committee member has proposed that fellow committee members can’t vote to employ family members.

“Specifically, no School Committee member shall vote to employ any potential applicant to school department employment that is a family member or party of any School Committee member or elected town official as defined (in state law).”

East Providence (the out-going committee) has even suggested that no family members be hired at all, regardless of who votes for it. But it’s never that easy.

“The ACLU would be all over it,” Cataldi said at the time. “We can’t discriminate if an applicant is qualified.

Having first hand experience on the Chariho School Committee – a committee of 11 members, 6 of which had family employed at the school – I can tell you this is a very real problem.  However, I would not suggest rules eliminating family members. I would advocate for contract negotiations being done in public. Wouldn’t that go farther to ensure that  we don’t give away the farm?


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