Landing the America’s Cup

In case you missed it, we had an OpEd in today’s Providence Journal discussing our bid for the America’s Cup. Here is an excerpt.

After a year of work on detailing the absurd costs of the proposed Deepwater Wind farm, we appeared recently for the Ocean State Policy Research Institute on “Ten News Conference,” with Jim Taricani, to discuss the latest developments at the Rhode Island Supreme Court in our continuing effort to protect consumers from paying three times the going rate for fossil-fuel energy for green energy.

But the clip that keeps coming around isn’t our explanation of the amicus brief; rather, it is our unvarnished opposition to state expenditures being promised to attract the America’s Cup to our shores, painting us as the perennial Dr. No – all opposition and no solutions.


But wait, the lead negotiator, the Economic Development Corporation, now touts the Kahn, Litwin and Renza report suggesting $1 billion in economic activity associated with the races. The problem? We’ve heard this from the EDC before, when it commissioned one of these “multiplier” model studies to try to convince the Public Utilities Commission that spending $700 million on the Deepwater Wind project for six permanent jobs was a good idea. If we are Dr. No, these are the Boys Who Cried Wolf.

Click HERE to read the entire commentary.

Also, if you missed the 10 News Conference interview, you can find it HERE (third video on list).


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