Read before you leap

So the folks at received our email blast touting the release of our new report “Leaving Rhode Island – Policy Lessons from Rhode Island’s Exodus of People and Money” and apparently felt embolden enough (or scared enough?) to take pot-shots at the study.  In particular they have a problem with this one bullet points:

“From 1995 to 2007 Rhode Island collected $341.3 million from the estate tax. During the most recent year, the state only collected $27 million.”

Well, that email was purposively designed to be a teaser since this was an invitation to hear about the full study.  So, we thank them for the added publicity and controversy.  And to help fuel the fire, that sentence was actually a continuation of the previous point which was put more succinctly by the pull-quote on that page:

“From 1995 to 2007 Rhode Island collected $341.3 million from the estate tax while it lost $540 million in other taxes due to out-migration.”

Of course, not having the full study, they did not see the pull-quote which leads to today’s policy lesson—don’t critique something until you’ve read it.


2 responses to “Read before you leap

  1. Malachi Constant

    well now that the full report is out, you didn’t correct it. Nice try.

  2. Actually, we have. All media comments and responses are on the OSPRI website under the Leaving RI study. Thanks for your interest

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