Charity without accountability

WOMENS-ENEWS: Missouri’s State Senate is about to consider whether to subject welfare recipients to drug testing. Numerous other states have said no to the idea and an anti-poverty group has re-released a report calling it a waste of money.

This article, in my eyes, highlights the core problem with state administered charity – the actions of the welfare provider (the government in this case) does not reflect the culture of America.  But, if charity was, once again, provided by private entities, then the actions of those providers would be held accountable by the people donating to them. If you don’t want welfare given to someone abusing drugs, then just don’t give to charity providers that allow it.

While that scenario may not be in our immediate future, it is not unreasonable to require some bit of accountability. We expect people on unemployment insurance to look for a job and we now require people on welfare to work or participate in education for their improvement.  Is the proposal in MO too much to ask for?


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