Call to action

As you may know, after the PUC decision to approve the Deepwater Wind project the RI Attorney General, Torray Plastics, PoliTop, and the Conservation Law Foundation, filed appeals with the RI Supreme Court, along with amicus briefs filed by OSPRI and the RI Manufacturers Association.

Tomorrow, the RI Supreme Court will hear oral arguments on the issue of “standing” in this case.

These litigants participated with OSPRI before the PUC
with the withdrawal from the case by the new AG, the court has decided of its own accord to examine whether  CLF or Toray have interests allowing them to appeal.

Regardless of what you think of the substance of the case, if significantly affected businesses, like Toray and PoliTop, and public policy institutions, like CLF and OSPRI, are denied access to the courts, all Rhode Islanders will suffer from this lack of accountability.

While Toray and PoliTop seem clearly to  have standing, with millions of dollars and the jobs they provide on the line, both they and CLF will also argue that this is a compelling public policy issue meriting a “prudential” grant of standing.  One way the court will know this is a critical issue of public policy, is if the gallery is full of “the public.”

Please make time to  attend the hearing tomorrow at 9:30 AM at the Supreme Court Building, 250 Benefit Street, Providence, RI 7th floor – supreme court chambers.


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